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So I was “commissioned” to make a companion Colliding Vinyl clock to the Barry Manilow one (third photo) I made a year a half ago; it had ended up staring at people while they used the toilet in their Santa Barbara bathroom, and she wanted the same vibe for a bathroom in their other home (blended family). So this has Barry saying he “came in through the bathroom window.”  Floating on a Grunt Records release, what else?

BONUS QUESTION: Can anybody identify who the singer of this version was (per the LP fragment – see the close-up?IMG_3703   IMG_3699












I haven’t gotten back to my 60’s music history audioblog yet, but lounging in my off hours in Seattle, and my love of the tactile vinyl (both LPs and 45s) has yielded a “craft” hobby. Collages. And some are ending up as clocks. I gave away two at Christmas. This one, titled“SoCal Cycle (Burbank Bikin’),” complete with 3D handlebars, now belongs to son Greg (and Ann) in L.A. Lots of Warner Brothers, plus Island records, and Mercury.