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So I was “commissioned” to make a companion Colliding Vinyl clock to the Barry Manilow one (third photo) I made a year a half ago; it had ended up staring at people while they used the toilet in their Santa Barbara bathroom, and she wanted the same vibe for a bathroom in their other home (blended family). So this has Barry saying he “came in through the bathroom window.”  Floating on a Grunt Records release, what else?

BONUS QUESTION: Can anybody identify who the singer of this version was (per the LP fragment – see the close-up?IMG_3703   IMG_3699



78s meet 33 and a thirds

This isn’t a clock (yet); maybe just a wall piece. If it falls off that wall, however, it’ll end up in tiny pieces, because those two old 78 rpms on each end (Harmony Records) are brittle as heck.