David Gordon Schmidt

I love listening to and learning about the pioneering music artists who paved new ground, delighted our ears and and shaped our tastes.

Making music is also my passion, and my therapy.  I play a 6-string electric bass (yes, 6) for fun,  but my on-going trance is in the land of 88 keys.  Acoustic grand piano.  Hear some of my original pieces here.

In terms of my blog, my thanks also to my son Greg for his contribution of the tasty little guitar jam in the intro music for this blog.  He recorded it informally at home a number of years ago.  I added the embellishments.

If you’re into old record players and/or LP record covers, especially die cuts and fold-outs,  check out my dormant blog  Record Players and LP Savers.

All in all, I’m a blessed guy – I have Ruth and a terrific family.

I’m missing sunny southern California, btw.

Dave’s Misc Trivial Music Factoids

Okay, first off, here’s my list of hit songs that can be played using the same 1-4-5-4  chord strum on the guitar (or piano).  You know how it goes: if you’re in the key of C, for instance,  its C major, then up a 4th to the F major chord, then up one to G (then typically back to F before you land back on the root chord C).   What’s fun it that you can keep doing the strum and sing these songs back to back.  These are the infamous 3-CHORD SONGS.

Wild Thing,  Twist & Shout, Cherry Cherry, La Bamba, Hang on Sloopy,  R.O.C.K in the USA,  and more recently – What I Like About You.  Good Lovin’ (Rascals) has the basic strum, but throws in one more chord before the chorus.

I’m sure there are dozens more – so email me if you think of one.

Of course, the most famous of all is Louie Louie, but that actually has a minor chord in there – the 5th (example the G chord in the key of C).

Okay, I know, where’s the smile?

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