David Gordon Schmidt

To view and/or purchase Colliding Vinyl custom creations, go to etsy.com/shop/collidingvinyl

Greetings from California.  I make music, and I pay tribute to innovative artists and their records. Colliding Vinyl  grew out of a hobby I started back in Seattle during our rainy weekends there. They are custom one-of-a-kind clocks and other items themed around music artists, genres and record labels – with collages of LPs, 45rpm singles and other elements. Visually, I’m going for either color harmony or song title/artist interest, and maybe some distorted vinyl weirdness.

I have a life-long love of listening to and learning about the pioneering music artists who paved new ground, delighted our ears and shaped our tastes (thus the older audio blog posts available on this site).

Making music is also my passion, and my therapy.  I have been harmonizing with a wonderful a cappella singing group, the Over Tones, since 2015.  It’s all ages, has regular performances (paid and charitable), and has provided great, evolving friendships.

I also play a 6-string electric bass (yes, 6) for fun,  but my on-going trance is in the land of 88 keys. Acoustic grand piano.  Hear some of my original pieces here.

All in all, I’m a blessed guy – I have Ruth and a terrific family.

Questions or ideas: email me at collidingvinyl@gmail.com

Okay, I know, where’s the smile?

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