Custom Letter/Napkin Holders

20190601_152930 (2)

Has your first name been immortalized in a song? I may also be able to make a letter/card holder with your first name (or someone else’s) in the song title.

Song titles are just the first name by itself, unless marked by an asterick (see notes farther below).  Just to clarify, these are not the artist’s names – they are the song titles.

A-F:  Alyson, Alicia,  Amanda, Billy, Bonnie,* Brandy, Brenda,  Caterina, Cara,* Carrie-Ann, Cindy, Connie, Donna, Elenore,  Eddie*, Edna

 G-N:  Gloria, Hannah,* Janet, Jenny, Jesse, Joanna. Jo-Ann, Jody, John,* Josephine, Justine, Kim, Kristie, Laura, Leroy,* Lola,  Louie, Mack,* Maggie,* Magdalena, Marie,  Martha,* Martin,*  Molly

0-Z:  Nancy, Rebecca, Renee*, Rosyanne, Ruby, Sherry,  Sue,* Susie, Timothy, Tom*, Tracy, Vanessa, Wendy,* Willie*

Don’t see your name?  I’ll find a single record with it.  Check with me. I’m adding names continually. Email me at

*Songs with titles that are more than just the first name by itself: Abraham, Martin & John, (I’ve Got) Bonnie or My Bonnie (Beatles, rare), Cara-Mia,  Eddie my Love or I Love you Eddit, Hard Hearted Hannah, Mack the Knife, Maggie’s Farm, Mostly Martha, Hey Leroy Your Mama’s Callin’ You, Walk Away Renee, Tom Dooley, (Billy &) Sue, To Wendy with Love. Whistln’ Willie,  Also have Harry Truman.

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