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Got my 3D record-player-technology framed collages finished and hanging above our “American by Magnavox” console phonograph entertainment center (circle 1948), which now serves as a lazy-susan bar, along with the vintage bakelite table-top, also serving fine spirits. Brother Records 45 (Beach Boys) anchors vacuum tubes and knobs, while frame one below pays tribute with fragments of a 78rpm, 45 and LP.

Inside the bottom cabinet of the American – more LPs.


Tuesday Trippin’

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Threshold Records label featured a great comet-swoop graphic. In this clock, added in my office, I work the blue-orange-yellow motif again, with a Moody Blues LP (including Tuesday afternoon) and a 45 of the Beatle’s Day Tripper.IMG_3693

This breezy little timepiece of mine hangs in my office.  Love to work those yellows and oranges with a some red vinyl accent.  The Kama Sutra Records label from the 60s was a gem.  Beatles, Dave Clark Five, Lovin’ Spoonful, and Bubble Puppy. 

You Smarmy Sexeeee Thang

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This was a one night inspiration.  Titled “Barry Only Has Eyes For You (Love Down Disco
Lane -the late 70s)”
or maybe it should be Third-Eye Crooner.  The two flanking 45s are Jump (For My Love) by the Pointer Sisters, and Shake Your Groove Thing by Peaches & Herb.  This clock is now owned by one my co-workers, Connie – who says it will be under the tree, gifted to her husband, come Christmas morn.


Lauren Canyon Music Mushroom (late 60’s, early 70s)

For Torben and Lauren Von Staden. Christmas 2013. On the “Ladies of the Canyon” center label – photos of Lauren, Aveline, and Joni Mitchell (all with long blond hair), plus Carole King, and some of Lauren’s friends/neighbors.
My most ambitious clock to date – includes records by the Canyon-dwellers (in the 60s) Jackson Browne, Crosby Stills and Nash, John Mayall, The Doors (Morrison), Frank Zappa, Mamas and the Papas. Plus a canyon created with many layers of album fragments.

The Firesign Theatre, after all these decades, will no longer be complete. Sad news yesterday that Peter Bergman has died in Santa Monica.   So glad I saw all four original members several months ago in Seattle, and last year in L.A.

I remember talking with him in Ann Arbor in the 70s, at WCBN-FM and at surroundings – he was the intellectual of the group,  knowledgeable about everything from science to politics to, of course, the absurd.  Just blogged with him last month – still pontificating delightfully at age 72.  See last post for my tribute after the Seattle concert.


Just Sing the Song

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ll be back to the audio episodes soon. Will have some catching up to do.

A little rant in the meantime.  In this extended era of endless vamping at the end of songs (every cut seems like it’s over 5 minutes),  I’m reminded of Frank Sinatra’s advice:  “Just sing the song.”   In my mind, he is really referring to two musical “crimes” that have not been stopped:  the first is the tendency for so many soulful singers (soul, funk, pop, R&B, rock, you name it) to add 4, 5, 10, or 12 notes to the end of every phrase – vocal improv if you will.  It can be very interpretive and effective if used only once in a great while, but some singers can’t help themselves, and think they must twist every melody line that the songwriter crafted.

Think Stevie Wonder, as an example of an early offender.  But there are so many.

If Frank were still around he’d be cringing, and complaining.  His interpretation was in the phrasing, the timing, and the inflection.  He didn’t mess with the notes.   It’s great to hear him and other singers of his ilk, sing the damn song, and shut up.  (Been listening to the Seriously Sinatra channel lately on XM.)

Frank’s warning and advice also applies to the second crime:  the endless vamping on the chorus, or last three chords, or whatever, at the end of many recorded songs.   Who says every tune should turn into a jam session, or an evangelical revival everyone hollerin’ ?  End it.