1960s music recording studio

LISTEN_April 6 to 16_1966_Beatles-Velvet Und-Etc_6:30

April  6 through 16, 1966.

New chief engineer Geoff Emerick  puts John Lennon’s microphone through a rotating Leslie speaker designed for Hammond organ, to give it a distant, swirling effect to make him sound like “the Dalai Lama on a mountaintop,” and George’s tamboura and Paul’s tape-loop experimentation combine to create Tomorrow Never Knows. Brian Wilson  finishes vocals for three songs on Pet SoundsGod On Knows, Wouldn’t Be Nice, and I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times, and the album is complete.  Paul McCartney toys with Got to Get You Into My Life.

In New York, Lou Reed has his guitar strings all tuned to the same pitch, and John Cale is bowing a harsh viola he has strung with guitar and mandolin strings, on the song Venus in Furs as the Velvet Underground record tracks for their first album with Nico.

Introspection, mysticism, sex, drugs and rock and roll…hear the highlights in this audio episode.

  1. Chris says:

    I really enjoyed this audio. I was aware all the albums mentioned were recorded in 1966 but I never pondered the intense activity in April.

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