Brian Keeps On; Yardbirds, and even the Turtles, Stretch Out

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Audioblog
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February 7 – 16, 1966

Work on Brian Wilson’s ground-breaking Pet Sounds album continues, despite a cool reception from Beach Boy Mike Love.  Bass harmonica, tight woodwind harmonies, and the continuity of guitar arpeggios and other percussive strings throughout the tracks, all work to set this project apart.  And then there’s those stunning melodies (Don’t Talk, Put Your Head on my Shoulder).

The Turtles try to get psychedelic with Grim Reaper of Love; the Yardbirds already are.  The Blues Project from Greenwich Village juice up Chuck Berry’s You Can’t Catch Me. Hear the music and my commentary here:

1960s music recording studio LISTEN_Early-February-1966_Brian-Wilson_Turtles_Others_7:29

Note: many of the Pet Sounds studio rehearsal recordings heard in this audioblog are available in the The Pet Sounds Sessions box set.

  1. Greg says:

    That lone piano recording of “Don’t Talk Put Your Head On My Shoulder” is really revealing of Brian’s talent. Even by itself, without any further production, it’s devastatingly beautiful. Greatest album of all time.

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