1965 Ends – Late December Studio Sessions

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Audioblog
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1960s music recording studio LISTEN_Late-December-1965_4:27

Last episode for 1965.  The Byrds break from their jangley folk-rock mode and record an early version of the terse “Eight Miles High.” The same afternoon (Dec. 22),  Brian Wilson is across town in LA. tweaking the gorgeous track for “Sloop John B” and beginning to construct the lavish vocals.

Developments during 1965 foreshadowed rock-pop innovations to come: Minimalism is born as Steve Reich builds his first tape-loop piece, a technique that will soon influence the Beatles, Pink Floyd and others.

And a brief preview of what’s soon to come.

Happy Holidays everybody.

  1. Adrian says:

    Beautiful stuff, JamMaster Dave! It’s a terrific site. This is just so much fun. I love the love you’ve poured into this retrospective of beat, tone, harmonic and cultural influence on the music we (all of us, regardless of predilection) enjoy today in the 21st century.

    Most of us first heard this stuff in a diner, a bar, or at a friend’s house on their “hi-fi.” There was some great gear back then for reproducing these barrier-busting musical ideas, and maybe you could augment this blog with how these new sounds changed the nature of listening, and some of the pioneers who responded to that challenge. McIntosh. Fisher. Tannoy. Klipsch. B&O. ElectroVoice.

    Your Brother-In-Arms,

    – Adrian

  2. Ruth says:

    Very enjoyable and love the layering of talent and time.

  3. dschmidt14 says:

    Adrian: ah yes, the early fat-tube-driven hi-fi systems and large speakers. The Playboy-magazine-influenced bachelor thought he was impressing the girls; I think perhaps the guys especially liked the volume more and appreciated the clarity that was so rare back then (given that AM radio was the standard in the mid-60s). I’ll do some research on the microphones on the front end and the reproducing gear on the back end..
    Thanks for your comments and support.

    Ruthie: you da best, a true Beach Boy fan.

  4. Great new audio blog. The vocal-only Beach Boys tracks get me every time. I’m glad they released them. And is that Zappa at the end?

    • dschmidt14 says:

      Yes, at the end of the audioblog is the Mothers of Invention doing “It Can’t Happen Here” which follows “Help I’m a Rock” on their debut album “Freak Out.” (1966) Amazing that they were doing weird stuff this “da-da” then. They actually didn’t officially record this track (for the album) until spring 1966 – i.e. this was a preview of studio sessions we’ll be exploring in the coming months. Thanks for comment.

      I’m thinking Zappa is perfect for the Jeez O Petes boys. Weird Al maybe too.

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