Week of October 18, 1965

The Beatles continue work on Rubber Soul;  George struggles with the sitar on John’s Norwegian Wood. In My Life is underway.  In LA, Brian Wilson finishes his last pre-Pet Sounds single, The Little Girl I Once Knew

And I preview what’s in rehearsal and just around the corner in New York.

1960s music recording studio

LISTEN: Week of October 18, 1965 in the Studios – 4:40

  1. I have always thought that 60’s rock was original succeeding decades were not. You are providing the underlying reasons why and I thank you. Keep it coming.

  2. Greg S says:

    Wow! Amazing moment by moment account of the innovators of pop. It’s interesting to think about how each band might have been inspiring the other.

  3. TomVoytal says:

    Nice work , Dave.I used to remember the harpsichord player that was brought in for that baroque riff.It was an amazing time to be a college kid and a guitar player.Thanks

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